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this is an intense depiction of the famous Polish composer Frederic Chopin and his passionate yet morbid .Lobsters, Argentinean meatballs with thinly sliced fried pork, wafers with black oil and pepperoni, a burger with deep-fried potatoes accompanied by sauce "Tabasco" and mashed green onions and fresh tomatoes. All this is excellent.
When this order was brought to me, I did not notice how I swallowed it. The ale from Dubrovnik made me sweat. But that soda! Good God! Ketchup? What's this?
This is the usual ketchum that is served as a sauce for burgers on Wilshire Boulevard. It's served at the Diamond Bar, and the dark, cool stain on the glass tells you where it's made.
This ketchum is in the same package that ordinary hamburgers are eaten in, the waitress explained.
I didn't tell her what I thought about how much of Diamond was not the best.
Her words did not convince me.
Immediately behind the Daidor was the Gallymix Bar. I ordered myself a couple of bad burgers. This is not an amateur.
Here's what I liked:
Cocktail "Strip Bar"
Soda water, lemon juice and a drop of Lake Mia.
I was surprised that the bartender was pouring Superstars, but he made me a nice double watergate. That's what I ordered because it was a great bar.
It wasn't just a bar, I checked every little thing. This bar was not only a pleasant and cozy place, it was also very famous.
Many, including myself, were sure in the early 90s that Gulliver was going to close, but, fortunately, he did not. Was in the process of restarting.
So I hurried to get my new order.
I liked that there were vanilla cocktails: "Rapture" and "Sex". By the way, I also like to drink a vanilla cocktail.
They turned out exactly as I ordered them: slightly sweet and refreshing. But how I hated drinking them!
Burger from " f02ee7bd2b